Hey I'm Sarah

Your gal behind the lens

Coffee lover
beginner potter
world Traveller
animal lover
qualified Barber &
gym goer

and so much more...

* My vibe *

I am naturally very open and relaxed when it comes to my sessions, I love giving gentle direction and prompts whilst allowing things to organically unfold. Leaning into those moments (good or bad) that just happen. The in-between moments that are unique to you.

More about me...

I have always been a creative, a lover of art, using my hands & doing kind things for others. I am qualified as a hairdresser & a barber but my real passion for photography began when I was living overseas and travelling the world with my high school sweetheart Jordan. So many memories made.

I felt an overwhelming urge to capture the places we visited to keep, and bought myself a fancy camera. I loved experimenting with it, seizing those moments in time, but when covid-19 put pause to our travels, after 5 years abroad we returned home to Marlborough with the camera in tow.

Popped in the cupboard momentarily, it was when I became a mother myself in 2021 that the urge to capture the beauty returned. Not only did I feel the need to photograph our beautiful son, Blair, I was surrounded by mums and friends in the exact same stage of life as me. It felt so natural.

I began taking maternity photos for friends, and then newborn photos when their beautiful babes arrived. And it was there in my own newborn haze that this new venture was born. I found a purpose, something that brought me so much joy, a creative outlet and a way to rediscover myself again outside of being ‘just a mum’. 

With Jordan cheering me on I said goodbye to the hairdressing scissors and set about making my longtime dream of turning a hobby into a business a reality.

There’s something truly magical about the journey into motherhood. I cannot wait to continue capturing special memories for you to keep for years to come. 

Be in the picture with them x