A love like no other

A love like no other



  • Suitable for babies under 6 weeks old

(Ideally within the first 15 days)

  • A beautiful mix of naturally posed and lifestyle images
  • Enjoy the session just mum and baby or have your partner/kids/dog join too
  • Includes 2 hours of session time on a weekday morning starting at 10am
  • Session held in the comfort of your own home
  • Free access to client wardrobe
  • Newborn outfits, wraps/blankets, posing bean bag and Moses basket included


Price starts from $500

*$250 required upon booking to secure your space. Remaining balance due 7day prior to your session.

Payment plans available upon request.

Your Newborn session

The days may seem long, but the weeks they pass so quickly during the hazy newborn days.

It’s my job to capture the snuggly moments when nothing else matters but those dreamy cuddles, the first feeds and their tiny details.

I know it’s hard to think about anything else during those early postpartum days, but I truly believe capturing them this new is something you will cherish for a lifetime.

Newborn sessions are BEST held within the first 15 days, so we can photography them naturally posed when they are so delicious and sleepy not quite awoken to the world yet. If you're not quite ready and need a little more time we can opt to have your newborn session any time within their first 6 weeks. For babies over 6 weeks I suggest booking a family session and start with their awake window.

During our session I'll take my time and gently guide you throughout. It is my job to provide a relaxed experience so that you can enjoy sniffing your baby's head and smile at all their little facial expressions. A time to let it all sink in and just enjoy this moment you have waited a lifetime for.

I cannot wait to hear from you!!

Ready to book?!

I think you are, click the link below and fill out an enquiry form. I'll send you a booking guide to have a read through, your space is confirmed once your deposit is received. Once baby has arrived we will lock in your session date.