Raw, intimate and super fresh. Document your baby within their first 48 hours.

Raw, intimate and super fresh. Document your baby within their first 48 hours.


Fresh 48

  • Suitable for baby within the first 48hours hours at home or in Wairau hospital
  • A beautiful mix of naturally posed and documentary style images
  • Receive a minimum of 30 Images in a mix of colour and black and white
  • Enjoy the session just mum and baby or have your partner/kids join for the second half
  • Includes up to 1 hour of session time on a weekday morning starting at 10am

New ~ intro offer

All inclusive: $300

*$150 required upon booking to secure your space. Remaining balance due 7day prior to your estimated due date.

If under unforeseeable circumstances I am unable to attend when your baby is born within 48hrs your credit can be put towards a different session with me. Please note this style of sessions is designed to document your baby just as they are. I do not edit out all skin flakes/scratches they are perfect just as they are and you will want to remember every little detail.

Your Fresh 48 session

Typically held within the first 48hours of having your baby. The next best thing to birth photography is capturing them so fresh during the blur of those early postpartum days. The moments you don't want to forget.

I have experienced how incredible and life changing birth really is, I have a few photos of me holding Blair skin on skin with the hospital wrap and it is one of my favourite photos of us. It takes me right back to that moment, a feeling like no other. Proud, happy and very emotional.

These sessions are gently guided and are more raw and documentary style. I want to capture them exactly as they are. Think nappy on, loosely wrapped in a baby blanket and picture them resting on your lap. I want to capture their belly button, those tiny toes and their smoochy little lips.

It still blows my mind that we can grow these tiny humans. I would be extremely honoured to be invited into your newborn bubble be that at home or Wairau hospital. No fuss just me and my camera next to a window that provides natural lighting.

Ready to book?!

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